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Paint – Exterior Paint Schemes

August and September, in the Pacific Northwest often brings the Season of Exterior Maintenance.

Painting your exterior is a great way to give your home a fresh look, protect it, and maybe it even feels like you are driving up to a new house.   If you are SELLING your Home, fresh exterior paint should not be overlooked as a way to brighten curb appeal.  If you are  BUYING a home, with so many foreclosures and bank owned homes, you may consider exterior paint as part of the renewal planned.

There are a few tips and rules of the road, in selecting your paint colors from HOUZE, my favorite resource for inspiration.  Lowes has a some great tips here for preparation.  Oooh yes, while we focus on the delight of a coat of fresh paint, the PREPARATION phase is very important!  http://www.lowes.com/cd_Prepare+Your+Home’s+Exterior_676950917_

If you are using a painting contractor, make sure he bids the painting and the prep time separately!  You want to know he’s spend considerable time on the Preparation!

Enjoy some Great tips for choosing your exterior Paint Palette.  And Oooh by the way,  if you are planning on selling or buying a home,  ask how you can become eligible for a $500.00 Lowes Gift Card and an additional 10% off your purchase!  That should buy some paint!


OUTDOOR KITCHENS – Summer Entertaining

Exterior kitchen contemporary porch
Here we are, Summer is upon us, and BBQ and outdoor entertainment is in season.

Tonight I spent some time researching out door kitchen designs to share with my clients, realtor friends and well …anyone who catches this blog post!  thanks for coming.

Check out the entire slide show!

Fireplace Mantel – updating your living room

Traditional Homes – the modern traditional

Have you found your new home? Whether in Portland, Oregon or Texas, The new traditional, with modern elements evolves into a personal statement of your lifestyle.     <a href=”http://bit.ly/IDc4B4″ title=”Clark County Homes for Sale – Traditional”></a>

Edible Gardens – Using seasonal flowers


Who Knew so many of our flowers are edibles?   this is a good list of common garden edibles…  mix them in your vegetable garden for colorful additions!


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