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HERE WE ARE  JULY 2012, in Clark County, Vancouver Washington, and the new county NOTICE OF VALUES are arriving in our mailboxes!    What most of us are seeing is PAINFUL!

I have received numerous inquires about home values this week and I have a few tools and some information that may be helpful!  They are below.   What I will tell  you is the county Notice of Value is generated on sales of homes in 2011.   Most of us, who are in the trenches every day helping Buyers and Sellers, have noticed is the CHANGE IN AVAILABLE INVENTORY… its LOW..  This is beginning to put upward pricing pressure on MOVE IN READY, and available homes.

The trend lines in the MARKET SNAPSHOT, are beginning to show signs of positive change over the last 120 days. Take a deep breath, the Notice of Value is looking BACK not foreward……..

While we dont know for sure what will be going foreward, a positive business
and job environment, is neccessary to create a positive force in the markets
in general.  A healty LOCAL economy is essential!!

Perhaps this is where I might pitch



Second:   Sales in your neighborhood.  
This site offers MORE and DEEPER information.    by entering your address, bedrooms bathrooms and square footage, a report is generated of nearby recent sales, WHAT THEY SOLD FOR, current listings, days on market and more.   There are 90 day trend charts, that show how things are changing.First:  A simple home valuation site:   home values    like many sites, you simply enter your address and a computer generated value appears.

Third:   Market Trends Report   There is a lot of information here about health of the Estate Markets!   click the portland metro report or go to the link on my website for the MARKET TRENDS NEWSLETTER :  http://ggmatthews.com/market-trends/market-trends-newsletter

IF YOU WANT OR NEED a real Current Market Analysis, It typically takes about an hour to produce, and It’s done by hand.  Usually these are done prior to LISTING A HOME FOR SALE. or other reason.   Every realtor should provide you a Quality Current Market Analysis, before listing your home for sale.   IF THEY DONT.. find a different realtor.   If they want to short sale your property by listing it significantly under market… Find a different realtor.

If you are looking for a home, or thinking of selling, contact me or go to http://www.realestate.com   or send me a note thru the contact me button here.  Or give me a call.   The best results for Home Values Information is the SNAPSHOT

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